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About Us

About Us

Dr.Ranjan Kumar Patel

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Patel is an M.D in Pharmacology from UCMS and GTB Hospital, Delhi. He has more than eight years of experience in teaching pharmacology to medical students for various medical licensing examinations and his live lectures in India are very popular and sought after classes. PHARMLE is an attempt to take his pharmacology classes to students across the world preparing for various international medical licensing examinations like USMLE/MCCEE/PLAB/AMC/NZREX and students living in remote areas in India preparing for NEET/AIIMS/PGI/JIPMER/NIMHANS. These lectures can be used by undergraduate students as well.

The mainstay of PHARMLE classes is concept which makes it easier to retain a volatile subject like pharmacology. Dr. Ranjan begins a topic with the basic physiology, microbiology, biochemistry or pathology and then explains the drugs in the respective section which makes it an interesting ride through the mechanism of action. Finally through the same process the uses, side-effects, toxicity and contraindications are derived. So the lecture runs like a story and in due process a student gets to know all the aspects of a drug.

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Conceptual Review of Pharmacology

By Dr. Ranjan Kumar Patel

  • The content has been thoroughly revised and updated as per the recent developments.
  • Further details related to drugs have been summarized in Clinical Boxes.
  • Recent guidelines in management of Tuberculosis, Leprosy and HIV have been incorporated.
  • Antimalarial, Antileprosy and Anti-HIV vaccines have also been discussed.
  • A detailed chart on Autonomic Nervous System Drugs has been included with this edition to help the readers revise it.