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Huge fan of your videos and teaching! Never learnt pharmacology in a more conceptual manner. Thank you Sir!

Ratnapriya Chowdhry

i love ur voice at 2x.....;-).....u seem to be among those person who to pharmacology by choice and not by chance.....u r love for pharmacology can be clearly seen in your teaching

shahrukh tausif

Dr ranjan sir has done a phenomenal job here making pharmacology easy to understand and remember especially the conceptual part Really worth watching Thank you sir

Kushagra sharma

This is probably the best way to teach pharmacology i.e. physio + patho + biochemistry and introducing drugs gives pharmacology and finally in to medicine. You perfectly correlated the subjects.

Romil Patel

The classes are really awesome. Ranjan sir has a reason for every thing in pharma, which makes understanding easy. The discussion of new drugs in every topic is useful.